Crash Landing on Urf in...

What are Blawbz?

Blawbz are beings from deep space.

Blawbz was created with a purpose to give back and help the hoomanz of Urf.

The saying goes, "it only takes one person to change the world", but as true that is, there is strength in numbers, or should I say Blawbz.

Look below for the project's utility and incentives for holderz.

Why Join Blawbz?

You get to be a part of an NFT project that gives back to its holders!

Holders will vote monthly to where funds will be distributed.

The funds will be held in a “Blawbz Bank” for full transparency.

Categories for helping hoomanz:




Arlo's secret category

Our Story

Arlo escaped her home planet that was corrupted and destroyed by greed, selfishness, and evil. Arlo took an escape pod with 7,000 friends and family right before the planet was destroyed

They floated in space for 3000 yearz, until it crash landed on a planet called Urf. This planet called Urf is very similar to Arlo’s home planet, SN2016aps.

Her mission is to save Urf before it sufferz a similar fate of her home planet.


How many Blawbz will there be? 
Wen mint?
Mint price?
Steps on how to get your Blawbz NFT!
How do I secure my NFTs?
Where can I learn more and interact with other Blawbz members?

Urf's best hooman team

Carlos "Los" H.


Hooman born & raised on Urf.

Blawbz is my idea of how to help hoomanity. 

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do

Allison A.


Urf based traditional/digital illustrator. lover of boba tea, birds, and the surreal. wannabe cryptid.

Danny V.


If life gives you tomatoes, make tomato soup. Easy.



The best community manager ever!

Gabriel C.

Tech Advisor

I know enough to know that I don't know that much

Jose C.


1 banana on the desk is worth 2 in the peel.

Vicki H.


A hooman that hopes to inspire others through acts of kindness and unhealthy amounts of boba tea. :)

Roadmap Q1 2022

Partnershipz & Collabz

Have an idea? We'd love to hear it.